i Discover Primary Montessori works from Monday through Friday and has 2 environments in 2 nd Block i Discover Academy at Heelagi, Electronic City, Bangalore.

At i Discover Primary Montessori the child has to be enrolled in the Montessori methodology for 3-4 years (depending on age) so as to help the child get all the benefits.

Primary Montessori classroom consists of children of three age groups instead of one single age group. Example 3 to 6 years in one classroom, 6 to 9 years in another classroom. This mixed age group improves social development and enables the younger ones to look up to older ones and older one being responsible for the younger ones. Incidents like older children feeding, carrying, helping the younger ones is very common sight in the Montessori classrooms.

The children below six years cannot be taught directly. They absorb the culture and language from their environment, like a sponge, and learn through experience using their hands and senses. Though sit in a group, they play/work individually. This is the stage when the foundation for good behaviour is laid.

Accordingly, the Montessori pre-primary classrooms are designed to have a maximum of 30 children between 2 ½ and 5 ½ years. Each classroom has one set of Montessori equipment and two Montessori teachers. In these classes, the children develop through the experiences gained by doing the various activities provided, by making mistakes and finding out the solutions by themselves or with the help of the teacher. The classroom provides scope for learning good behaviour through the real situations

All the rules of the Montessori are followed and we are run by the guide lines of Indian Montessori Centre.

Language is taught the way it should be that is the sounds of the vowels are introduced first and then the consonants are introduced. The numbers too are introduced using the decimal system and the child will be introduced to all the four Mathematical operations by the time he/she finishes his/her third year Montessori. By giving the benefits of Montessori you will be helping to lay a solid foundation for your child.

There is a snack corner in the environment and the child is aware of the fact that he/she can have his/her snack whenever he/she wants, there is no time specified for snack.

All adults are Montessori Certified and the ratio is 15 children for 1 adult.
On completion of his 6 years at i Discover there are 2 options that include enrolling to a main Block for CBSE stream or Montessori Based elementary education school such as
"i Discover Montessori Academy"

Schedule of Montessori

Children are received at 9:15 am with the traditional Indian 'Namaste'

Once the children walk into the environment, they are greeted by their adult and then go about taking their mat, unrolling it and choosing the material they want to work with, be it Exercises of Practical Life, Sensorial, Language or Arithmetic.

The adults are there to help and guide the children only when necessary. Work starts from the minute the children walk into the environment and they know that if they feel hungry at any point of time, they have all the freedom to take their snack bag and have their yummy and healthy food at the snack corner.

Once they finish they can either go back to working with the material or join in the group presentations be it Language, Geography or Biology.

Around 11:00 am the children generally break for rhymes, story telling or are invited into the interactive zone audio-visual room or work with anything they want be it is going back to material/clay/coloring/completing any writing work - Language or number work.

Different programs like Theater Sessions are conducted for our outgoing level every Thursday, Yoga is part of our curriculum for 2nd and 3rd years and we also have Jumpbunch program for our Pre Montessori & level 1 children. We work Monday through Friday from 09.30 am to 12.30 pm and have three environments in i Discover Academy. On Fridays, it is usually fun time at i Discover for all children. While Pre-monts & first years have Craft & Art Activities. Second & Third year children have Science experiments, Fireless cooking, Art & Craft as their extracurricular activities. Culture is a strong binding force in societies and every child is rooted in a culture that influences their life style and attitude towards life. All major festivals are celebrated in i Discover which develops tolerance, understanding and respect for a harmonious social living.