i Discover has a facility where children who are visiting for a short period from other parts of the world can enroll for a short term provided the openings are available. Here they will receive help to cover the required curriculum to be completed by the school with traditional school setting of tables and chairs set inside a classroom. This Setup is named as
i Discover Kindergarten operates in 1st block at #1321, 11 th cross, Ananthnagar 2nd Phase, Huskur Gate, Bangalore – 5600100

Kindergarten Method | 1.5 – 6 years

Kindergarten, when literally translated from German is “children’s garden”. The term originates from Friedrich Froebel’s belief that children should be taken care of and nourished with the teacher’s care like plants in a garden.

Some salient features of i Discover Kindergarten classes are:
Workspaces that encourage independent thinking. A physical environment that promotes autonomy Classroom boards that reflect children’s original work.

The methodology of teaching instruction consists of modeling, where the teacher models the concepts that she is teaching for that day. Specific directions are provided to the children to scaffold them through the learning process. Routines are maintained to create a sense of security and self-discipline. Our curriculum covers basic number concepts, geometric shapes, letters of the alphabet, color identification, oral topics, clay activities and various literacy-based activities.

The Kindergarten teacher builds on a student’s skills of language, listening, social interaction, fine motor skills, and an enthusiasm towards learning.

Activity time: Kindergarten students are given time to explore and work with educational materials during the day. This time allows for hands on activities and teaches essential social skills of sharing, peer interactions and communications.

i Discover Kindergarten takes children only after they turn 1.5 years, as we are of the firm belief that a child less than this age does need the security of their immediate family and it is after 1.5 years that they will be more open to take on the third environment i.e., the Kindergarten. i Discover maintains a ratio of children to adult as 15:1 with an additional support staff to help the adult. Culture and group activities are also the areas where in the child is introduced to in the Preschool. Children who enroll for Montessori at the age of 2 years will be kept in the Pre mont environment and then moved to Montessori environment after they turn 3 years as this is the right age for the child to start to take in the Montessori materials.

i Discover Preschool adults are NTT certified and we also have one additional Montessori certified adult in the environment to help those children who have been enrolled at the age of 2 years for transition to Montessori when they turn 3 years.

Schedule of the Kindergarten Block:

9.30 am to 10.00 am is our usual Circle time where children recite Shlokas and Prayers along with the Rhymes.

After their Circle time, at 10.00am Children are taken to their respective classrooms for their thematic activities.

After this, snack break starts from 10.45 am to 11.10 am, where children are made aware of basic hygiene such as washing their hands, wiping them with clean towels and spreading their napkins before they open their boxes to enjoy what mama has sent. Parents are advised to pack healthy snacks rather than junk food. The adult supervises them during snack time, which is, to make sure that each and every child has had his/her snack completely. As and when the children finish with their snacks, they join their friends for playing in the play area.

The second half is from 11.15 am to 12.00 pm, is usually meant for activity which are planned on a daily basis to help the children learn more through the concept. As a preparation for writing, children trace Sandpaper Letters while repeating the sounds of each alphabet and number. On Fridays, children have the Audio Visual session where they get to see Educational CD's and sometimes their favourite cartoons.

The last hour session 12.00pm to 12.20pm is that of group activities for children, like the colouring, craft activity, stories and creative work.

The yearly curriculum also includes a Field Trips, Show N Tell Activity, Sports day, and Annual day.